Movement Masters | St Marys

Influential American Physical Therapist Gray Cook once wrote: “We are meant to grow strong and to age gracefully. Reclamation of authentic movement is the starting point.” This is also the philosophy behind the treatment used at Precision Physio, as anyone who has been to one our clinics would know. Our purpose is to have all our clients " Read more

Buzz Day | November 2014

Precision Athletica logoBuzz Day was super exciting! The Concord and St Marys teams all headed out to the new Precision Athletica premises at Olympic Park. It was the first time many of us were seeing the new venue, and we didn’t know what to expect. What we were confronted...
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Gymnastics Injuries

gymnastics-injuries_86d9118f886c0fc2f899c2cb02b8ea27Gymnastics is a great sport to develop strength and flexibility, coordination, agility and discipline. Most kids experience some gymnastics either at school or as a recreational sport at indoor sports centres. A smaller number of kids go on to train for competitions, often competing for the first...
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How to train easier and get fitter doing it!

sportsfitness The age old saying ‘no pain no gain’ is gradually fading into the distance. Sports scientists and exercise physiologists are discovering that significant improvements in fitness and performance can be achieved without having to finish training sessions bent over on the ground wondering where your next breath...
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Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries in Australia anklesprain Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries in Australia. A recent study(1) looking at injuries in 70 popular sports showed that; the ankle was the most commonly injured body part in 24 of...
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Getting to the City to Surf start line in one piece

man-running-on-road It’s around this time of year that many people begin their preparations for the City to Surf & the Sydney Running Festival. For most people knowing how many times to run each week, how far each run should be & how fast to run is often left...
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Headaches in Women that present as Menstrual Migraines

menstral-headache Migraine is a very common problem amongst women. In fact research shows that the headache ratio for females/males is a staggering 4:11. When looking at potential reasons for why headaches are so much more common in women it is interesting to note that of women suffering migraine,...
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Why Does Remedial Massage Help Stress?


The Problem

Stress. A condition we have all suffered. Stress may be responsible for a significant percentage of all diseases in the Western world including headaches & migraines, neural problems, muscular aches & pains, depression & anxiety. As the world in which we live becomes increasingly stressful both...
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