Sports Rehabilitation

Get Back Out There With Precision

The most effective way to manage injuries as a professional or recreational athlete is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Too many athletes push themselves to the limits without recognising what those limits are. They only seek the guidance of sports medicine professionals to help them achieve recovery and future injury prevention after an injury occurs. At Precision Physio, we use sports science to ‘injury proof’ our clients as well as providing world-class injury treatment and rehabilitation.

Clients who visit our clinic experience the following:

Issue diagnosis

Keeping in mind your sport, your level of physical activity and your training regime, we conduct an initial assessment so we can completely understand the cause of your injury. We will organise x-rays if they are required, and we work closely with doctors so if you need any other testing or any additional services to aid your recovery, it will be arranged ASAP. From here, we get to work on a treatment plan.

Pain Resolution

Precision Physios are skilled in determining what must happen straight away to get rid of your pain and get you back on the field/court/bicycle faster. Your treatment is focused on resolving the issue as quickly as possible so you don’t miss valuable training sessions.

Big Picture Focus

Once your pain has been resolved, it is crucial to determine why your injury happened in the first place, and whether you’re likely to have other injuries in the future. We figure out why you developed this problem, what is causing the problem and what needs to happen to prevent you from winding up back where you started. Using our Precision Performance Pyramid, we show you the steps to improve your agility and movement skills, creating a personal plan to improve your physical performance.  

Why Precision Physio?

If you train regularly, compete with a sports team or are motivated to improve your fitness, you’ll achieve better results and fewer injuries with the guidance of a sports-related specialist. At Precision Physio, the rehabilitation of sports injuries is a key area of expertise. Led by Pete Magner, a physiotherapist with over 25 years of industry experience, our team is dedicated to helping athletes and weekend warriors perform at their best. Your treatment will be carefully tailored to deliver faster outcomes and better results without roadblocks.

Physiotherapy + Exercise Physiology

At Precision Physio, we offer a combination of physiotherapy and guided exercise to have you performing at your best. By approaching the resolution of your injury from these angles, we ensure you’ll move the right way to build strength and prevent your issue from holding you back. Our team includes highly experienced therapists and physiologists who hold a minimum Bachelor or Master qualification.

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