Class Types

Cross Core

Designed for office workers and those with a lack of thoracic mobility or recovering from upper limb tendinopathies. These classes are aimed at improving upper body mobility and strengthening your upper limbs. Often our entry level class, Cross Core is however not just for beginners as it can be modified for anyone, with intensity varying depending on the level of the client.

Exercise Physiologist

Healthy Spines

A movement based class similar to Pilates, Healthy Spines is used to target your mobility and stability, whilst teaching good technique and core movement patterns. Sessions will work your core, glutes, scapula stability, pelvic floor and develop proper breathing techniques. An ideal introduction class that is individualised to each participant and run at a pace to suit whilst still challenging.


A more advanced session than our Healthy Spines classes, Freedom is guaranteed to challenge your strength and endurance. Targeting your whole body with combined movements, stretching, mat work and the use of equipment, these sessions focus on challenging your core and glute endurance, lower body strength as well as lengthening through your spine from start to finish.

Should you see an Exercise Physiologist


Our most advanced classes of all, Squad training is designed to put small groups through intense and fully supervised training sessions, with all sessions run by experienced Exercise Physiologists. Classes involve a mix of HIIT resistance style circuit training and focus on integrating more advanced strength and conditioning movements into your sessions. Tailored to individual goals, such as losing weight, increasing performance and improving your current lifestyle without the need for private gym memberships, Squads are available to those who have demonstrated suitable levels of experience and conditioning.