Workers Compensation
& Occupational Health

Whilst there is increasing focus on improving work, health, and safety, workplace injuries can still happen anywhere.

Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are approved by SIRA and have a particular interest in the treatment of occupational injuries. Our focus is on supporting injured workers and their Employers with achieving safe and durable recovery, and therefore optimum return to work outcomes.

Our Clinicians are experienced with treating a broad range of conditions across diverse industries including some of the most common workplace injuries:

Back Injuries

Neck Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

Knee Injuries

Wrist & Hand Injuries

musculoskeletal injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Elbow Forearm Injuries

Foot & Ankle Injuries

Your Role

No matter what role you play, we can assist you


Our Purpose

Empowering better quality of life through quality care and evidence-based treatment

Our Values

We are committed to the values of:

Precision in our assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of our clients Integrity as we believe in, and are passionate about what we do Teamwork through partnerships and collaboration working towards agreed goals and; Transparency in fostering open and honest communication across support teams

Our Ambition

To promote the health benefits of work in partnership with our clients and their wider support team, becoming the number one health provider of choice.

Key Measures

Our Results

Precision Physio supported 385 injured workers with their recovery and RTW last year.