Move More With Precision

All physios are the same, right? Well, not exactly. At Precision, we think it’s OK to be different. In fact, we pride ourselves on it! It’s our goal to not only settle your pain and help you recover from injury, but to reduce the chances of this injury recurring. We do this by placing you in the hands of highly experienced physiotherapists who are interested in your progress for the long term.

Here's an overview of what we'll do for you:

Diagnose your issue

We conduct an initial assessment so we can completely understand what’s bothering you, and get to know your lifestyle and your regular activity levels. We will organise x-rays if they are required, and work closely with doctors so if you need any other testing or any additional services to get your quickest recovery, it will be arranged ASAP.

From here, we get to work on a treatment plan.

Quickly settle your pain

Precision Physios are skilled in determining what must happen straight away to get rid of your pain. Your treatment is focused on resolving the issue as quickly as possible so you can get back in action.

Work out the big picture

Once your pain has been resolved, it is crucial to determine why your injury happened in the first place, and whether you’re likely to have other injuries in the future. We figure out why you developed this problem, what is causing the problem and what needs to happen to prevent you from winding up back where you started. Using our Precision Performance Pyramid, we show you the steps to move more, move right and live young, creating a personal plan to improve your physical performance.  

Our Physiotherapy Services

Precision Physio works with adults, children, teens and athletes to reduce pain and improve physical performance.
Our services include:

  • ACL Physiotherapy
  • Pregnancy Physiotherapy
  • Family Physiotherapy
  • Lower back Physiotherapy
  • Shoulder Physiotherapy
  • Manual Physiotherapy
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Exercise Physiotherapy

What Are Your Goals?

Do you want to look and feel younger? Perhaps you’re motivated to perform better at your sport. You may simply be looking to recover from pain and stop it from interfering with your daily life. What you can expect from your Precision Physio:

  • Precise assessment and solutions-focused treatment
  • A thorough and clear explanation of exactly what your problem is and why it happened
  • A plan for a full recovery

Your physio will work within your pain threshold and will never push harder than the level you are comfortable with. You should always feel like you are in control of the intensity of the treatment.

All Precision Physiotherapists have completed their university degrees in Physiotherapy. Many have also completed their Masters in Physiotherapy, Manipulative Physiotherapy or Sports Physiotherapy, and many have also completed a University Degree in Exercise & Sports Science. Precision Physios must be members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Your physio will work closely with your Precision Exercise Physiologist to make sure you are put on the right track to fully recover and fix your problem.

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