• Clothes you can move in
  • All your scans/ x-rays, results of other health tests
  • Your health fund card or insurance details
  • A desire to know exactly what your problem is and how you can fix it
  • A thorough assessment
  • A clear diagnosis
  • Precise treatment to relieve your pain
  • Clear understanding of why your problem began in the first place
  • A session lasting 45min to an hour

Your first session will generally go for between 30 and 60min. Your first physio session will consist of a thorough assessment, diagnosis of your condition and treatment will commence to resolve your pain as soon as possible. Your first exercise physiology session will involve another thorough assessment (quite different to the one you had with your physio!) and planning of your corrective exercise program.

Subsequent sessions will usually last between 20 and 40min. These sessions will start and finish with a brief assessment, to ensure you’re on track towards recovery and determine the effectiveness of your treatment at every step of the way!

In your first consultation, whether it’s with a physio or an exercise physiologist, there is a lot more info for us to collect and things to test! We conduct a “subjective” history – this includes collecting your medical and injury history, your physical activity/ exercise history, and details about your work and family life, to get a really clear picture of your life. We also conduct an “objective” examination – this is where all our precise measuring takes places. We get a full picture of your restrictions, not just at the site of your pain, but at the surrounding structures which are contributing to your condition.

We aim to keep your treatment as consistent as possible at Precision. You will always have one main therapist (depending on where you’re up to in your treatment, it may be your physio or your exercise physiologist), and you will usually have most, if not all your sessions with your main therapist.

In the case where you’re unable to get appointments with your main therapist, we’ll get you in with someone else in the team, to ensure your treatment stays on track. All therapists keep thorough notes which are able to be accessed by the therapists in the team – so whoever is looking after you will always know what has been happening with your treatment. We also have a team session each week where all therapists come together to discuss the management of patients, particularly those patients who are ‘shared’ among the team.

Precision Physios are the experts in diagnosing your condition, resolving your pain, and setting you up with a comprehensive plan for full recovery. They work primarily in the first tier of the Performance Pyramid – Move More, where the focus is on mobility.

Precision Exercise Physiologists will then work primarily in the second tier of the Pyramid – Move Right, where the focus in on quality of movement – movement control. They will also begin work in the third tier – Live Young, where the focus is on performance. At this stage, your EP will also work closely with your personal trainer or sport coach (if you have one) to ensure you have the safest and speediest return to all the things you love to do!


Check out our Exercise Physiology page to learn more!

We’ll never see you in your underwear. We provide shorts and gowns that will ensure we can see as much as we need to see, and your modesty is always respected. This is really important to us. If at any time you feel your modesty has been compromised, please contact our CEO Pete Magner.