Meet Chris and Mikaela

Chris and MikaelaChris Agostino At the age of 12 I got my first gym set and started training. I attended High School at Marist College Eastwood where I started playing Rugby League and Rugby Union. I enjoyed all sports but particularly enjoyed rugby and played up until the age of 21. Sports and weights is where I developed my passion for performance training from a young age. Upon finishing High School I attended UTS studying Sports & Exercise Science. During this degree I began to learn more about the effects of exercise in not only athletic populations but general populations also. I recall being told that the biggest killer in the Western World is high blood pressure and exercise has a direct effect on lowering blood pressure. It became clear to me that I wanted to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle and improve their quality of life. My desire to help people increased and I started working as a personal trainer. After completing my bachelors degree I attended ACU Strathfield undertaking a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. During this time I continued weight training, personal training and running my own bootcamps. I also attended as many clinical experience sessions as possible working with different conditions and gaining invaluable knowledge. Since graduating I now spend my time working with people to achieve their fitness goals and regain fundamental, functional and performance qualities here at Precision Physio. Mikaela Sultana Accredited Exercise Physiologist and completed Masters of Exercise Physiology (2017) and Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (2015) at ACU Strathfield, currently working as a dance teacher at Studio Dance NSW, Kings Park:

  • Solely responsible for teaching individuals and class groups of children aged 3-16 years in dance styles of jazz, tap, ballet, stretch/strengthening, acrobatics and special needs.
  • Responsible for mentoring assistant teachers. Ensuring safe dance practice.

Mikaela has been an Outstanding Youth Award Finalist – Blacktown Local Business Awards 2017, 2016, 2015. To book with Chris or Mikaela, call Precision Physio St Marys on 02 9623 2220

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