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You might have noticed an extra special focus on exercise around the Precision Physio clinics recently and this was all due to a great initiative called “Exercise Right Week”. The theme this year was “Motivation to Move” and our main aim at Precision Physio was to show that everyone has a different reason for why they exercise, and whilst that’s the case, we wanted to share the various different motivations from all of our athletes – young and old – within the clinic. Despite these differences there is a common theme – moving! We spend a lot of time sitting these days, so we wanted to highlight the importance of actually moving and also seeking the right person to help with your individual movement goals. If you need help with your movement or even motivation to move, come and see one of our Exercise Physiologists, like Kassandra from our Concord Clinic. Staff Profile – Kassandra  Huynh KasandraI have been an accredited EP for 6 months now – studied at USYD. I decided to study EP because of my love for exercise, combined with the fact that it allows me to help people with their exercise goals. Growing up I wasn’t actually the most active kid, and I didn’t play much sport – but I enjoyed going to the gym. My older brother became a Personal Trainer around the same time I started going to the gym during my senior years in high school, and he helped me a lot with my exercise program. I felt that I was extremely lucky to have someone who could help me – so after that I decided I wanted to be this person for others. Without a doubt, the best bit of the job is being able to write “goal achieved” for all of my clients/athletes !! I don’t think there is a more rewarding feeling. When I’m not at work, I spend the majority of my time with my family and friends, as well as at the gym and doing outdoor activities such as hiking. Oh and eating! I think I spend a lot of time eating. If you would like to book a session with Kassandra, you can now do so online – click here.

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