Athlete Mobility Evaluation

NEW TO PRECISION PHSYIO CONCORD our exclusive Athlete Mobility Evaluation has been developed and perfected working with some of the countries leading professional and Olympic level athletes at our Sydney Olympic Park high-performance training centre, Precision Athletica. The evaluation looks in detail at your complete body mobility, in order to highlight any areas that will offer quick improvements, or should be flagged as restrictions likely to result in injury or reduced performance and enjoyment of your sport and activities. Now available to the general public through Precision Physio Concord, this 40 minute assessment is highly beneficial and suitable to:

  • Keen sports people, no matter their level
  • Regular exercisers including gym and outdoor training
  • Young, old and everyone in between
  • Anyone looking to get back into sport or heading towards pre-season

Precision Physio Athlete Mobility EvaluationOur highly skilled team of physios at Precision Physio Concord will take you through the assessment and provide you with a clear report and set of personalised recommendations as to how you should go away and work to get the most out of yourself and whatever activity you are undertaking or planning to undertake.

The assessment can be done as a one-off, or like with our champion athletes, we recommend filing the results and re-taking on a periodic basis to enable you to track improvements and continue to get the most out of your training, exercise and sport.

As a special offer to celebrate the launch of the Athlete Mobility Evaluation at Precision Physio Concord, we are providing the evaluation FREE OF CHARGE DURING NOVEMBER 2018! This offer is available to all (one assessment per person) and to book, simply call us on 02 9736 3950 and quote “Concord Athlete Mobility Evaluation”.


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