5 Best Healthy Snacks When Working From Home

Due to COVID-19, many of us are now working from home and with that we’re finding that we’re now dangerously close to the kitchen and a whole host more snacking options, so for those who want to keep as healthy as possible we’ve put together a list of the 5 Best Healthy Snacks When Working From Home!

Keep these close to hand and you’ll be able to snack away with a whole lot less guilt.

Healthy Snacks When Working From Home

My Top 5 Snacks Are:

1. Hommus and Veggie Sticks

Serving wise I would stick to 2 tablespoons of hommus (40g) and you can have pretty much as many veggie sticks as you like. Good options are carrots, celery, cucumber and capsicum. Veggie sticks are a great way to get in plenty of nutrients, whilst also helping to keep you feeling full as they are packed with fibre.

Healthy Snacks To Have At Home
2. Greek Yoghurt and Berries

170-200g Greek Yoghurt (Chobani is my favourite) and 1/4 cup of berries (your choice). Greek yoghurt is an excellent source of protein which will help you keep feeling full for longer. It’s also an excellent source of probiotics to aid your gut health and calcium to keep your bones strong. Berries on the other hand are a great low sugar, low calorie fruit which are packed with anti-oxidants. Combined and you’re onto a winner!

Healthy Snacks
3. Barley Plus Bars (available at Coles)

Unlike many muesli bars, these ones are low in sugar and packed full of fibre to help support your gut health. They are a great option to have close to hand either at home, or if you are going to be out and about.

Healthy Snack - Precision Physio
4. Light Babybel Cheese and an Apple

Serving wise I would have 2 mini light babybel cheeses and a medium sized apple. There is something about the creaminess of cheese with the tartness of an apple that makes this combo absolutely delicious. The combo is also great for keeping you feeling full, as the cheese provides a good source of protein and the apple a great source of fibre.

Sydney Dietitian
5. Corn Thins with Tuna and Avocado 

3 corn thins with 1 small can of tune (can be flavoured), mixed with 1/4 avocado. This tasty snack provides a fantastic source of Omega 3 fatty acids which are great for our heart health, inflammation and our mental health. It is also a very good source of protein and monosaturated fats.

Sydney Dietitian - Atlanta Miall

Ok, so you like the idea of these snacks but you know that you sometimes want something a little sweeter? Why not try baking these black bean brownies (and send us some pictures of your efforts!):

If you’re feeling like you snack too often and you want a little extra help with that, try this:

How to Stop Over Snacking

  • Consider how hungry you are and why you are actually eating. Are you bored? Do you just need a break from your computer but figured you may as well have a snack too? Are you thirsty?
  • Keep hydrated with water. We often mistake thirst for hunger – aim to drink 1-2L water per day, plus 0.5L per hour of exercise.
  • Plan out your meals and snacks at the start of the day and maybe even have them prepared so that you are not tempted to eat more than 1 serve.
  • Don’t eat your snacks at your desk! This can lead to mindless eating which in turn can make you overeat as your body isn’t really registering what its eating, instead its focusing on your work, so your fullness signal is delayed. Instead take a 5-10minute break (if you have time to check social media, you have time to have a snack break) away from your desk and really enjoy your snack.
  • Don’t start eating your snacks until you are sitting down. This means no eating in the kitchen as this also leads to mindless eating and overindulging.

This article was written by Precision Physio Dietitian – Atlanta Miall. If you would like more information, or feel you might benefit from a session with Atlanta, you can either come into our Concord clinic, or work with her online.

How Do I Book An Appointment with Precision Physio for Help?

We’re taking the health of our clients, members and staff very seriously and our preference would be for you to call to book an appointment so that we can make sure to explain our approach to keeping you safe. You can call any of these numbers to schedule a session:

Online Consultations

Evolving with the current environment, we are also now offering online appointments, meaning that we can support anyone who is unable to leave their home. Sessions are done via our state of the art Telehealth system and as long as you have a laptop or tablet with an inbuilt camera, or a phone with camera, we can help! Online consultations would be especially effective for Nutrition and Diet based session.

To learn more about online consultations, please call us on any of the numbers listed above.

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