The Ultimate Warm Up for your City2Surf

One of the biggest and most challenging running events Sydney has to offer is almost here! The City2Surf is a fantastic opportunity to get your skates on and raise the heart rate for a worthy cause.

Whether you’re a pro, a weekend warrior or a novice pulling on a brand-new pair of runners, getting your body prepared is absolutely essential to making sure you go the distance and don’t hurt yourself along the way.

Warming up

We’ve long heard about warm-ups as an essential tool to prepare ourselves both mentally and physically for an event – they’re often thought of as a last-minute rehearsal for what’s to come.

What will warming up do?

Importantly, including a solid warm up routine before the City2Surf is a sure-fire way to:

  • Let your body know you’re about to run 14km!
  • Activate the right muscles needed to carry you to the finish line
  • Increase your chances of preventing an injury during the race

Your running warm up doesn’t need to be complex, nor intense – you should be able to hold a conversation for most of the warm up.

So, here are some examples of our go-to movements to get ready to run!

  • Reverse lunge knee up
  • Butt kicks
  • Cossack squats
  • A-skips

Additionally, going for an EASY 5-10 minute jog around is a good way to add to your mental focus and to complete the final touches of your physical preparation.

One final tip:

Your planning and preparation in the weeks/months leading up to big events is more paramount than any warm up. However, If your training routine has only just started, hasn’t started or hasn’t been consistent – do not stress. Running 14km isn’t quite the same as cramming in your last-minute study for an exam – stressing out and increasing your running volume right before the event will only increase your chances of injury and make it harder for you to reach the finish!

Same goes for those of you who have been training hard in the lead up – don’t clock up too many km’s before the event! Keep moving but taper off with volume and intensity so your body is primed for the big day.

Good luck to all and happy running!

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If you would like to come in for an assessment before or after the race, perhaps for last minute peace of mind, or a post-race once over, you can contact us on 02 8607 4000 or request a call by completing this form.

This blog was written by Liam Palmer, Exercise Physiologist at Precision Physio – Concord. If you would like more information, or to work specifically with Liam, you can contact him through the Precision Physio Concord clinic: 02 9736 3950 or book in online.

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