Kick lower back pain for good!

Low back pain (LBP) is the largest contributor to the burden of disease in Australia and is the most common musculoskeletal condition that is seen by general practitioners (Bardin, King & Maher, 2017). Research shows that 60-80% of people that have had a single episode of back pain will have a further episode within the first year. One reason for this is the fact that even a single episode of pain will make the spinal muscles weak and work incorrectly. Another important fact is that the muscles do not recover spontaneously even when there is no longer pain. (Hides, Richardson & Jull 1996, 2001). Therefore, for the effective management of LBP, a thorough assessment must be performed to identify the underlying causes so these can be addressed: range of motion, movement patterns, stability/control, strength, endurance, functional demands of work and sport. Apart from the physical assessment; consideration to other factors such as social and psychological must also be identified. Consideration to the understanding of the condition and the establishment of goals will help to achieve better outcomes. If you have been plagued with LBP and want to kick it for good, contact us for an appointment today:

  • Precision Physio, St Marys: 02 9623 2220
  • Precision Physio, Concord: 02 9736 3950

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