Exercise and Your Mental Health

After a challenging couple of years and as we start the new year, it’s time to start putting your mental health first.

Did you know that exercise can help preserve mental health and enhances recovery from mental illness?

Physical activity is widely recognised as evidence-based treatment and has been shown to improve mental health symptoms whilst also improving physical health. So if you aren’t looking after your body, this could contribute to affecting your mental health, and vice verser.

Exercise and Mental Health

However, those experiencing mental health conditions are less likely to engage in physical activity and tend to opt for a more sedentary lifestyle.

It can be hard to get active, but a qualified Exercise Physiologist can help tailor a program suited to your lifestyle and fitness level to get you started.

The exercise prescribed to you will help to:

  • Improve mood and reduce mental health symptoms
  • Help keep you in a routine and avoid falling into unhealthy habits
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Keep you conditioned to support returning to life and work demands
  • Help manage weight gain (resulting from inactivity or medication side effects)
  • Improve overall physical outcomes
  • Improves self-esteem, self-confidence, and cognitive function

Here at Precision Physio, we provide face to face Exercise Physiology appointments within our clinic and provide Telehealth Exercise Physiology, accessible through the comfort of your own home for those who prefer or can’t make it in.

The first step is always to just get in touch.

* Exercise is part of a multidisciplinary lifestyle approach to mental health treatment and does not replace prescribed medical treatments. If you are struggling or need help, talk to a health professional or your GP.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

We’re taking the health of our clients, members and staff very seriously and our preference would be for you to call to book an appointment so that we can make sure to explain our approach to keeping you safe. You can call any of these numbers to schedule a session:

Online Consultations

Evolving with the current environment, we are also now offering online appointments, meaning that we can support anyone who is unable to leave their home. Sessions are done via our state of the art Telehealth system and as long as you have a laptop or tablet with an inbuilt camera, or a phone with camera, we can help!

To learn more about online consultations, please call us on any of the numbers listed above.

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