Are we really evolving?

evolution of human workEvolution of human work silhouettes | Vector by Vector Open Stock The scary thing about this image is that it is actually pretty true. Even those of us who are very active in sports are devolving. Athletes in sports like triathlon and IRONMAN events, while undoubtedly these athletes have excellent cardiovascular fitness compared to their non-athletic peers, they are often people who are sitting for 8+ hours a day for work, commuting and leisure. Even looking at the end picture, while perhaps it is a little extreme, it is still the position you’d see a cyclist in. The issue is not the position; the issue is the lack of movement into other planes of motion. To complete an IRONMAN event you need cardiovascular fitness and development of each of the disciplines. You don’t need the ability to compensate to an adjusting terrain, you don’t need the ability to react and move suddenly, you don’t need mobility and spring. But moving in all planes and between planes of motion is how are bodies are designed to move! Did you know that only our fingers and toes have joints which move in just the one plane? This is to improve our fine motor skill control and the stability improves our dexterity. The rest of our body is not designed to move in just one plane: in fact when we do move in only one plane, our joints degenerate. This is because when we move our joints, the capsule (think of it like a balloon) which exists around the joint gets stretched, and this stretching produces synovial fluid, which lubricates and provides nutrition to the joint. So you can see how if our joints don’t move through movement in all directions, they are less lubricated, and begin to degrade. For us to evolve we need multidirectional movement, or tridimensional movement and then perhaps we will further evolve! tri

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