Buzz Day is an interactive day where the whole of TEAM PRECISION gets together to discuss new ideas, share industry trends, reflect on what has been achieved over the past ‘season’ (or quarter), and participate in practical sessions. At Precision, we want to go “to infinity… and beyond” (hence, the “Buzz” in Buzz Day!) to maintain our position at the forefront of the musculoskeletal industry. This season we had the pleasure of hearing from four special guest speakers; four of our patients who’ve opted for our membership program. Each of them shared their personal stories and achievements, which were direct results of their participation in the program – allowing them to make drastic changes to their lives. We heard how they got the spring back their step, not just have their injuries patched up and pain resolved, as they had done in the past. The stories of these women proved that commitment and persistence really does pay off. The entire team, from those who were directly involved in the transformation of these patients, right through to the admin and support team and our interns, walked away inspired, and with a new sense of energy after listening to these stories and how each of the women’s lives had changed for the better. It was also an important reminder about how crucial great goal-setting is, for not only our patients but for us too. When goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely (i.e. SMART goals), they serve as a great motivator for our patients and, once achieved, they provide a well-deserved feeling of success. You can expect to hear your therapist talking more about your goals in each session and we encourage you to have a think about what it is you really want to achieve ahead of your next appointment! Vanessa & Carolyn listening to Pete Tom & Lisa practice getting goals Tom & Gav The Team taking it all in Success Steph & Shane in the goal setting exercise Shane interviews Sue Shane interviews Anne Rachelle, Carmen, Deb Precision v Precision - Tug-of-War battle Pete inspires Team Precision Pete & Matt practicing goal setting Pete & Kate Pei & Jase Nick runs the warm up MovNat warm up Maria & Jase Lisa & Dan Jase, Chip, Sam Carmen & Nick getting good goals

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