2023 Clinic Holiday Schedules

As the holiday season this 2023 approaches, it’s important to stay informed about the operational hours of our clinics. For those who rely on our services, please note the following schedules for the end-of-year holidays.

End-of-Year Schedule

Mt Druitt End-of-Year Schedule 2023 Concord End-of-Year Schedule 2023St Marys End-of-Year Schedule 2023









Plan Ahead for Appointments

We encourage all our patients to plan their visits accordingly. If you require medical assistance or need to schedule appointments, please do so before our holiday closure. Call our lines while it’s available and schedule online bookings and enquiries.

Wishing You a Healthy Holiday

From the entire team at Precision Physio, we wish you a joyous holiday season filled with health and happiness. Take this time to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the company of those you hold dear.

Stay Connected Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for any further updates. We’re here to keep you informed and connected, even when we’re not in the office.

Francis Ivan Ho

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