Your Annual Health Check-In

Ensuring that you remain fit and healthy year after year.

At Precision Physio we care about your health and wellbeing year after year, regardless of whether you’re a regular in our clinics or only came to see us a handful of times when you were at your worse.

For that reason we have created this annual assessment that is ideal for capturing an accurate snapshot of your physical health over time. Our annual health check-in tests your:

  • Balance
  • Important Strength Measures
  • Jumping Power
  • Aerobic Capacity/Fitness
  • Metabolic Rate
  • Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Levels
  • Heart Health
  • Body Mass Index and Waist to Hip Ratio

Designed and led by our Exercise Physiologists, this is a detailed research based assessment that will accurately raise red flags for any potential health issues that you would be advised to investigate further.

This also provides a tool for creating a baseline health picture and allows you to track change or improvement with regular follow up.

Who Should Take The Health Check-In

The Precision Physio annual health check-in has been specifically designed to be tailor to each individual and capture the most relevant data no matter their age or gender. This assessment is of high value to everyone and has been designed that way.

Lose weight during menopause


As we age our bodies changes, our lives change and the stressors and strains that are placed upon us also change. This assessment will provide you with a consistent measure of how your health is being impacted and what action you need to take.

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Children & Teens

Youth is not a protection against illness and growing, active bodies need to be carefully challenged to ensure that they are developing in the most beneficial ways. This assessment will look for potential imbalances or health issues that might otherwise be missed.

Professional and Recreational Athletes

Sport and high intensity training places a higher level of strain on the body and not all bodies react in either the same way, or a predictable way. Tracking your bodies development and functions is as important as following your carefully sport specific training program.

Birthday Voucher

Our Birthday Gift To You

We are committed to helping you stay as fit and healthy as possible, not just when you first come to see us, but year after year. To help you celebrate your birthday and to set you up for a great year ahead, we would like to invite you to come into any Precision Physio clinic and have your Annual Health Check-In free of charge (usual price $120).

To take us up on this offer, please simply call our bookings team on 02 9623 2220 or any of the Precision Physio clinics directly and tell them that you have a “Birthday Annual Health Check-In Voucher” to redeem. The assessment takes 1 hour and is well worth it!

Our Clinics

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