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Precision Physio promotes a combined approach of physiotherapy and exercise physiology to reduce the pain of injury and improve your physical performance. Operating from Concord, Mt Druitt and St Marys, we are passionate about helping clients of all ages to LIVE YOUNG.  Our team will work to resolve your sore muscles or joints, help improve your physical performance and show you how to prevent injuries from reoccurring.

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How It Works

Precision Physio offers a great deal more than basic treatment

We take the time to investigate your injury and explain the diagnosis in detail.


Your highly qualified physiotherapist will help you to recover from injury faster.


Learn how to exercise the right way so you have better freedom of movement.

Not Your ‘Normal’ Physio

How Precision Physio helps you live young

To be truly healthy and perform at your best, you need more than treatment for your physical injury. The model we have established at Precision Physio allows us to assess your ailments and relieve your pain, before identifying the real reason behind your injury. From here, our team will show you how to move correctly, achieve better physical symmetry and reduce the likelihood of winding up back in the physiotherapist’s treatment rooms.

Free Physio Advice Calls

How Precision Physio helps you live young

Many people get confused when it comes to physiotherapy and worry:

– Do I need to see a physiotherapist or a doctor?
– How long will I have to see a physiotherapist for?
– Is my current recovery taking too long?
– Will I be wasting money by seeing a physiotherapist?

At Precision Physio, we are passionate about becoming Sydney’s local Physio and our Physio’s in St Marys and Concord, are going above and beyond to get great outcomes for our patients. Not wanting to stop there, the Precision Physio founder – Pete Magner, is tackling the common Physio concerns head on by offering free physiotherapy advice phone calls.

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Move More. Move Right. Live Young.

How Precision Physio helps you live young


Let the team at Precision Physio resolve your injuries or ongoing muscle aches or joint pain.

Exercise Physiology

Learn to move right and prevent your injury from coming back time and time again.

Precision Performance Pyramid

Our movement program is designed to deliver faster recovery and freedom from injury.

Athlete Support

Improving your agility and control means injuries don’t have to be par for the course when you’re a physically active person.

Local Branches

Visit our clinics in Concord or St Marys, or our athlete-centred Institute of Sport in Olympic Park.

Family Friendly

We provide tailored plans to heal and strengthen young muscles and joints.

Fitness Classes

Boost your performance and learn how to move right with our timetable of classes.


Years of Experience

Our physios and trainers are highly qualified and have all completed our intensive Precision induction program.

Long-term Results

By combining physiotherapy and exercise physiology, we help you build a fitter, more resilient physique.