Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology
What on earth is an Exercise Physiologist? We're glad you asked!

ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists can work in a number of different fields, working with all different types of people. At Precision, our Exercise Physiologists are who you see once your pain has settled down, and your mobility and flexibility has been restored. Your Precision Physio will have gotten you to Move More, and began to identify the areas which led to you developing your injury in the first place. Then, your Precision Exercise Physiologist will build on the foundation established during physio, and continue to follow the plan to ensure you fully recover - by ensuring you now Move Right, and ultimately Live Young!

Precision Exercise Physiologists work really closely with Precision Physios to ensure you get the results you're after. Your Precision Exercise Physiologist will:

Fix what caused your problem in the first place

Precision Exercise Physiologists mainly work in the middle tier of the Pyramid – Movement Control – to ensure you Move Right. So once your Precision Physio has settled your pain, and got you to Move More, then you will work with your exercise physiologist to change how you move and restore control of major joints or areas of your body. Things like core stability training, getting your butt to work for you again, and improving how your shoulder is controlled – so you don’t hunch over your computer all day long! This sets you up for the final tier of the Pyramid – Performance – where you get to really Live Young.

A Precision Exercise Physiologist must become accredited in our Intensive Induction Program to ensure they have outstanding skills in:

Your Exercise Physiologist will work closely with your Physiotherapist to make sure when your pain has settled you can be on track to fully recover from your problem.


What can you expect from your Precision Exercise Physiologist?

  1. Identify what is getting in the way of your body easily performing the way it should
  2. Create a plan on how you will fully recover
  3. Systematically address each component so you can really fix your problem and move way better

Precision Exercise Physiologists have completed their University degree in Exercise Physiology and are accredited with Exercise and Sport Science Australia. They may also have completed a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology or another related field.

But wait, there's still more...

At Precision Physio, our Exercise Physiologists are not just focused on rehabilitating injuries, they are also focused on preventing injuries in the first place, so you never have to stop LIVING YOUNG.

Prehabilitation is better than rehabilitation – Our Exercises Physilogists can perform assessments and screens to stop you from getting injured in the first place!! Even if you aren’t injured, we can make you bulletproof in the here and now!