Welcome to Precision Physio, we're excited that you're considering a career with us and hope that you find this page to be a useful resource prior to you sending through your details for us to consider.

Having a strong set of core values to live by, means that being a part of Team Precision is actually really cool. We have integrity guiding everything that we do and our mission is to create greater lives both for ourselves and those around us. Founded in 1996, we're not exactly new kids on the block, we've had the time to learn, make mistakes and develop our approach to each other and our athletes (everyone has at least a little athlete in them, so we treat them as such).

Memberships at Precision PhysioAt Precision Physio, we want our team to be able to build the career they want for themselves. We provide opportunities for people to move up from an intern therapist, right the way through to a position in the leadership team. We have developed membership models that help our team to focus on making real, long-term changes to their athletes.

Precision Performance PyramidTherapists start out as either an intern or an entry-level therapist, where they go through our 6 month Intensive Induction Program (IIP), learning about the Precision way and in particular the Precision Performance Pyramid. These therapists work closely under the guidance of the rest of their clinical team, ensuring our high standard of care is maintained. From there we have Precision Physios and Precision Exercise Physiologists – therapists who have graduated from the IIP.

Physio's working at Precision PhysioThe next rung up is our Senior therapists – both physios and exercise physiologists. Our Seniors have a particular area they are pursuing – from a mentoring/ educating side of things, to an area of interest to follow (particularly if they are studying a specialist Masters degree) or even from a business development perspective. Our Senior therapists have met certain criteria to ensure we have the best leading the best.

Hear more about what it's like to be a Physio to work at Precision Physio, courtesy of Sam Crossland above, or get the Exercise Physiologists take from our senior therapist Chris Aslan below.

Exercise Physiologists at Precision PhysioFrom there, we have management options. For some people, it may be a Clinic Manager role where they are responsible for the running of the whole clinic – patients, therapists, admin team, all of it! For others, we have management roles for each of the streams – physiotherapy, exercise physiology and performance specialists. These roles involve managing their respective teams and providing the direction for their clinical areas.

We are also developing Clinical Director roles – these people are responsible for the overall guiding direction for each of the three streams, looking at what’s happening around Australia and around the globe, to ensure Precision is leading the way in the musculoskeletal, movement science and performance industries.

If you think you'd like to be a part of the Precision team then we would love to hear from you! Please send your resume and a cover letter to