precision-physio-swiss-ballIf you’ve come straight here to the prices page, but you don’t really know what we do, you’re not really going to see the value in what we do. To catch you up, here are the highlights:

  • Physio by itself won’t fix you
  • Physios will get rid of your pain
  • Precision physios will give you an accurate diagnosis, identify what caused your problem in the first place and show you what needs to happen for you to get fixed
  • Exercise physiology is where’ll you get fixed, after the physios have first worked their magic
  • Precision exercise physiologists will fix how you move to get you to fully recover

We know that it takes more than a casual approach to your health, to really see results. It’s like paying casually at the gym versus committing to a gym membership. It’s a no brainer that people who have a membership get totally different results to someone who pays per session – and not only that, but it’s way better value too. This is why we’ve created membership packages – so you can fully recover and produce amazing outcomes. We also know that some people aren’t ready to fully commit to a membership program so we do still offer the traditional casual consults options that people are used to seeing from a physio.


If you’re someone who really wants to fix your problem, who really wants to live young, and who wants to perform at the highest level, then you need to commit yourself to a program to really get results. You will know exactly what you are aiming to achieve with every step. You will have the team working with you; initially with physios to address your mobility issues and your movement then advancing to the exercise physiologists to move you further up the Performance Pyramid to really achieve awesome results.

We get that different things are important for different people. What’s important for you?

  1. Stop your injury from happening again
  2. Stop this injury leading to other problems
  3. Looking and feeling as young as you can
  4. To excel in your sport

Whichever of these means the most to you, we’ll create a program to help you get what you want.

For more details about our casual rates and membership packages, please contact your Precision clinic.