Heal Completely with Shoulder Physiotherapy in Sydney

Small shoulder complaints can turn into big complaints if they are not dealt with immediately. Whether you have a minor complaint now or are recovering from shoulder surgery, we can help you recover fully with shoulder physiotherapy in the Sydney area.

At Precision Physio, our Physiotherapists are fully qualified and experienced to assess, diagnose and treat patients who need shoulder physiotherapy. Our Sydney based clinics now have two centres, for your convenience, where you will receive one-on-one treatment and a plan that is individually tailored to your specific injury.

You can be confident that our physiotherapist will never push you beyond your pain threshold, with our aim being to reduce your pain level, not to increase it. Our assessment during your first session will be to work out what is causing you the shoulder pain and work on a treatment plan to reduce this pain immediately. If necessary, we will organise x-rays as well as work with doctors if you need any further testing or services so that you can be on the quickest road to recovery.

Once we have worked on your shoulder physiotherapy in our Sydney Centre and you have recovered from the injury, you get the benefit of working with our exercise physiologists. They will help you correct any movements that may have led to the injury in the first place, so you can go about your life without fearing the injury will occur again.

Contact us today for help in recovering from your shoulder injury, no matter how small or big it may seem.