Pregnancy and Post Natal Physiotherapy and Finding a Pregnancy Physio in Sydney

A pregnancy physiotherapist is in a unique position to be able to work with pregnant women regularly who experience a range of issues including pelvic pain, prolapse, or incontinence – or who are seeking to prevent these issues in the first place. A pregnancy physio also educates their patients on issues related to childbirth such as preparing the pelvic floor muscles, healthy birth positions, and regaining strength and function in the relevant muscles after childbirth.

Seeing a pregnancy physio

During pregnancy physiotherapy, you will see a practitioner who has completed the necessary education and training to assess pelvic floor issues during and after pregnancy and design appropriate treatment plans based on the individual patient’s needs. Your pelvic floor has several important jobs such as preventing you from leaking urine or stool; supporting your pelvis, pelvic organs, lower back, and baby; contributing to lymphatic flow in your pelvic region, and helping support healthy sexual function.

The muscles in this area can become tense and tight just like any other muscles. Pregnancy physiotherapy in Sydney can help you learn ways to relax them including manual release, stretches, and breathing techniques. Tight pelvic floor muscles during childbirth can contribute to problems such as vaginal tearing, incontinence, or prolapse.

Your pregnancy physio can educate you about ways to prepare your pelvic floor muscles for childbirth and provide post natal care as well to help ensure a speedy return to normal function. They can check for diastasis (separation of the abdominal muscles) as well. Most women experience diastasis during pregnancy; if this a subsequent pregnancy, you may already have some separation from your first. A physiotherapist can provide treatment such as abdominal wrapping to address diastasis early and prevent it from causing problems later on.

Another thing your physio can do is provide exercises designed to help you stay strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy. The better shape you’re in for delivery, the better off you and your baby will be. If you are experiencing fatigue or morning sickness, your body may not be able to handle much exercise – and that’s okay. Talk to your physio or doctor about an appropriate level of activity for you. It’s important not to push yourself too hard; your body is already working extremely hard as it is. Discuss your concerns with your physio and ask about an appropriate exercise program. Remember that every pregnancy is unique; what may be healthy for one woman may be too taxing for the next, and that’s okay.

Pregnancy and post natal physiotherapy in Sydney

A pregnancy physiotherapy assessment can reveal how your core and pelvic floor muscles are functioning and help guide you more comfortably through your pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. At Precision Physio, we have more than 22 years of experience assisting people to “live young.” We are dedicated to providing safe, effective treatment programs to our patients, from expecting mothers to athletes to people who have sustained injuries or are recovering from surgeries. For more information about how we can help, contact Precision Physio today.