Get Back to Work Quickly with Physiotherapy for your Lower Back

Injuries to any area of your body can be painful and uncomfortable, but when they prevent you from doing your job, then it also becomes an inconvenience. You can get physiotherapy for your lower back problems at Precision Physio, where we will work with you to find out why you have back pain.

We will also work quickly to settle your pain as soon as possible, and if necessary we will organise x-rays as well as working closely with doctors if required. During your first session for physiotherapy for your lower back pain, we will make a precise assessment and create a treatment plan tailored individually to you. We will give you a clear explanation of what your problem is and why it is happening then work with you until you reach a full recovery.

We understand that everyone has a different pain threshold, so you can be assured we will never push you harder than you are comfortable with, and you will always feel in control of the intensity of the treatment.

Our physiotherapists are all professional, experienced, and qualified with each having completed a University degree. They are also accredited with our Intensive Induction Program to ensure they have outstanding skills in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment so you can be confident you are getting the best treatment when needing physiotherapy for your lower back.

When you start to feel pain in your body that is preventing you from moving freely or doing your job, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will get you pain-free and moving correctly so you can work and enjoy life.