Hands On PhysioAll physios are the same, right? Well, not exactly... At Precision, we think it's OK to be different. In fact, we pride ourselves on it! We're not like any other physio practice you've been to. And we think that's a good thing!

Precision Physiotherapists get right to the point. Here's an overview of what they'll do for you:

Quickly settle your pain

It is essential that you are confident your physio finds out what is causing your problem right now, and settles your pain ASAP. Precision Physios are skilled in determining what must happen straight away to get rid of your pain. We will organise x-rays if they are required, and we work closely with doctors so if you need any other testing or any additional services to get your quickest recovery, it will be arranged ASAP. Your first session with a Precision Physio will involve a thorough assessment, and treatment will commence with a focus on settling your pain immediately.

Work out the big picture!

We figure out:

  • Why have you developed your problem in the first place
  • What is causing this and other problems
  • What needs to happen for you to move way better and feel way younger

Precision Physios use the SFMA to get a complete picture of how you move. Once your pain has been resolved, it is crucial to determine why your injury happened in the first place, and whether you're likely to have other injuries in the future. The SFMA will rate the quality of your movement - whether it's a/ painful or non-painful, and b/ whether it's functional or dysfunctional. From there a plan is created to make sure you have the lowest risk of your current injury happening again!

Work with you on what is important for you

Is it to:

  1. Get over the pain and stop it happening again?
  2. Stop this injury from causing other injuries?
  3. To look and feel young?
  4. Perform better at your sport?

What you can expect from your Precision Physio

  1. Precise assessment and great treatment
  2. A thorough and clear explanation of exactly what your problem is and why it happened
  3. A plan on how you will fully recover
  4. Your physio will work within your pain threshold, they will never push harder than what you are comfortable with, and will constantly check with you to make sure you are OK. You should always feel like you are in control of the intensity of the treatment.

Precision Physios must have completed their university degrees in Physiotherapy. Many have also completed their Masters in Physiotherapy, Manipulative Physiotherapy or Sports Physiotherapy, and many have also completed a University Degree in Exercise & Sports Science. Precision Physios must be members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

A Precision Physio must become accredited in our Intensive Induction Program to ensure that they have outstanding skills in:

  • Assessment
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment

Your physio will work closely with your Precision Exercise Physiologist to make sure you are put on the right track to fully recover and fix your problem.



Precision Physios are also trained in: