Gymnastics for grownups

It may seem weird to have gymnastics for grownups at a physio clinic, but really it makes perfect sense. If we can move like we did when we were young (things like handstands, cartwheels and monkey bars!) and we can develop the strength and the spring of a gymnast, then we know our bodies are moving well and we truly are living young.

HandstandsIf you can move well and be able to safely do cool gymnastic stuff now, and keep doing it till you are 70 (and beyond!), then you are going to be able to be and feel like the youngest 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 year old around. Nothing speaks louder than seeing nanna doing cartwheels or dad having handstand races.

A massive emphasis for us is safety. It isn’t just about being able to do cool handstand stuff now – but about doing it super safely so that you can keep doing it years and years to come. To make sure you are super safe we have a rigorous safety check. Before you can gain entry into Gymnastics for Grownups, with our awesome Gymnastics Coach Harry Stacey you must first be able to Move More (Tier One – Mobility – on the Pyramid) and pass the SFMA. Then you must Move Right (Tier Two – Movement Control) by passing the FMS. Then we can be certain that you can safely be a Grown Up Gymnast with Precision. Again, being able to do cool gymnastic skills is not only what we want but to safely be able to keep doing these for ages, and you will look and feel supercool for ages too!