'Applying Science to Dance'



Safety. Longevity. Performance.

At Precision Dance and Pilates Clinics, our focus is on improving the safety, longevity and performance of dancers in the local community. We recognise that dancers have a massive focus on form and technique, and from an early age there is a focus on flexibility and appropriate warm up. However there seems to be a belief in the dance community that injuries are inevitable. This misguided belief has been reinforced by current treatment and management of dancers. Understanding the fundamentals of movement science enables us to identify potential limiting factors which contribute to injuries and limit performance for dancers.

Being able to identify and correct these limiting factors will enable the dancer to have a strong foundation for their movement. From this, significantly improved levels of safety, longevity and performance are possible.



To transform the dance community’s perception that injuries just happen. At Precision we know that injuries are a result of fundamental movement errors which can be corrected. The Dance and Pilates clinics have strong relationships with local dance schools where we assess and correct any limiting factors, to improve dancers’ performance and keep them dancing safely for longer.



Using the Precision Performance Pyramid we combine dance schools’ expertise of performance, exercise physiologists’ expertise in movement control, and physiotherapists’ expertise in mobility. By bringing these three aspects together, it allows us to look at the body as a whole, recognising that each aspect is important individually, and the combined result is greater than the sum of its parts.

We conduct a Dancer’s Assessment – which is a combination of testing at each level of the Pyramid. From there, we get a score for each tier of the Pyramid. Then a Personalised Performance Pyramid will demonstrate the most significant limiting factor for that individual dancer. We can also compile the results of dancers from a school, to create a whole school Performance Pyramid. This gives the school a bigger picture of what’s happening, enabling the school to focus their efforts on the most significant limiting factor overall, giving schools what they need – safety, and therefore increasing the longevity of their students, while maximising their levels of performance.