Recover More Fully from Your Injuries by Trying Physiotherapy in Western Sydney

Suffering an injury not only hurts a lot, but it’s also a huge inconvenience Suddenly, things that once seemed easy become difficult Suddenly, the activities you once took for granted are entirely out of reach Especially if you are an athlete, you will probably find that you are antsy to get back... ... read more.

Discover the Benefits of Reformer Pilates and Physio in the Inner West of Sydney

At Precision Physio, we believe there is an athlete in every one of us We want to bring that athlete out and improve it so you can live your best life For people who are already athletes, we aim to build you up and make you the best you can be at what you do We aim to address your mobility... ... read more.

Precision Physio offers Pilates at Concord Clinic

The popularity of Pilates has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years Keeping all of these latest trends in mind, we can offer you a different approach to Pilates in our Concord Clinic We can provide several options and aim to tailor our classes based on your physical ability and needs... ... read more.

Live young, enjoy life and feeling and acting more youthful with exercise physiology in Western Sydney

Exercise physiology specialises in health and fitness It’s getting you to live your best life in the healthiest way possible Whether you have a chronic illness or are a pro athlete, exercise physiology is significantly beneficial in improving your range of movement Located in St Marys,... ... read more.

Inner West Physiotherapy at Precision Physio

Being in pain can severely limit you and your physical abilities The primary goal of the Inner West physiotherapy offered at our location is to help alleviate that pain through our individualised care program We offer a variety of options and tools to assist in pain management, your treatment and... ... read more.

How Physiotherapy Can Help After an ACL Injury and Where to Find a Physio in Sydney

Have you suffered an injury to your knee involving your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) Physiotherapy may be helpful The ACL structure is important to normal function; injury to this area can cause pain and instability in the knee and keep the person from participating in the activities they enjoy... ... read more.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Physiotherapy and Finding a Pregnancy Physio in Sydney

A pregnancy physiotherapist is in a unique position to be able to work with pregnant women regularly who experience a range of issues including pelvic pain, prolapse, or incontinence – or who are seeking to prevent these issues in the first place A pregnancy physio also educates their patients on... ... read more.

Sports Rehabilitation: How Physiotherapy in Sydney Can Help with Sports Rehab

Sports can be very physically demanding on athletes; this puts them at higher risk for injuries A physiotherapist who provides sports rehabilitation can not only help athletes recover from injuries faster but also help them prevent re-injury or new injuries in the future when they return to their... ... read more.

Keep the Entire Family Healthy and Fit with Family Physiotherapy in Sydney

When your entire family is active and athletic, there are bound to be injuries occasionally Everyone might have their own activities, ranging from running to soccer to swimming, but at some point, virtually every athlete encounters some injury When injuries happen, it’s essential to have someone... ... read more.

Get Back to Work Quickly with Physiotherapy for your Lower Back

Injuries to any area of your body can be painful and uncomfortable, but when they prevent you from doing your job, then it also becomes an inconvenience You can get physiotherapy for your lower back problems at Precision Physio, where we will work with you to find out why you have back pain We... ... read more.

Heal Completely with Shoulder Physiotherapy in Sydney

Small shoulder complaints can turn into big complaints if they are not dealt with immediately Whether you have a minor complaint now or are recovering from shoulder surgery, we can help you recover fully with shoulder physiotherapy in the Sydney area At Precision Physio, our Physiotherapists are... ... read more.

The Benefits of Joint Physiotherapy in Sydney and Where to Find It

The days of living your life with pain and restrictions are over With proper care and the individualised plans created by Precision Physio, you can manage your joint pain with the support of joint physiotherapy in Sydney We emphasise one-on-one care and hands-on treatment With our physio model,... ... read more.

Find relief from your injuries at Precision Physio, your sports physiotherapist in Sydney

There isn’t much that compares to the pain of having backaches or muscle strains from old sporting injuries Don’t live with pain and restrictions any longer At Precision Physio, we pride ourselves on understanding the impact sports have on the body and can relieve that pain with an... ... read more.