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Pete MagnerInspired by my professional and personal experiences to date, I know that we must turn my profession on its head; the industry I love must be totally transformed. We must challenge long-held practices so that the focus is on achieving the best outcomes for our patients as the first and foremost priority. We have developed models, inter-professional relationships and treatment methods to ensure the long-term health of our patients is achieved.

During my career, I realised what was most important to me was to improve people’s overall health, to change their lives, and to help them feel and Live Young.

I realised that the only way I can have the great life that I want is to help my patients and my team have a great life. Being a Physiotherapist puts me in the perfect position to do this, which is just fantastic. However, the traditional modes of operating in my industry were holding me back.

For this reason we are challenging many of the norms of the Physiotherapy industry (or more broadly, the musculoskeletal health industry) and we have come up with a better way.

To ensure better patient health for the long-term, we have developed a unique interdisciplinary partnership between Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. We have a Physiotherapy Manager (myself) and an Exercise Physiology Manager (Kate Faber), and we work side-by-side in the management of the clinical teams, to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

Team PrecisionThis is different from the traditional ‘turf war’ mentality and the commonly held view in the industry that Physiotherapists are more important and more expert than Exercise Physiologists. Our great teamwork allow us to focus on the patient outcome, and it is the team working together that will achieve this.

I developed a model to support my strong view that to be truly healthy and to Live Young, it’s about more than just treating a patient’s injury. The Physiotherapist, of course, has a crucial role to play in assessing patients, relieving their pain and treating their injuries. Then their bigger more difficult role is to identify the reasons why this injury or condition developed in the first place. They then need to help their patients realise how fixing these causes will make a big difference to their lives and help them to see the solutions.

This is where our Exercise Physiologists come in. I can honestly say that having Precision Exercise Physiologists working with me has massively improved the outcomes my patients get. I have become a way better Physio because my patients are treated by our Exercise Physiologists. Precision Exercise Physiologists (unlike any other Exercise Physiologists) have been taught by us to thoroughly assess patients with precision, like Precision Physios do. Precision Exercise Physiologists are using advanced assessment techniques (FMS, Y Balance, and specific functional testing methodology) to ensure much better outcomes, so they can work with patients to achieve massive improvements in how they move and get great recovery and performance – in other words, that means we get awesome results.

We have developed great classes which will reinforce what has been taught during the treatment sessions and allow patients to benefit from group work in order to continue to improve.

We have changed the scope of physiotherapy. While our Physios will be performing exercise with our patients, we have shifted the focus for Physios to continually develop our assessment, diagnosis and manual skills, to create treatment plans to ensure that patients are equipped with the knowledge to really understand their body and how they can be a in a great physical state. As we focus on developing patients’ understanding, we will continue to lead the way in musculoskeletal health care.

As we are leading the way with the development of Exercise Physiologists and changing the scope of Physios, it has been essential that we massively shift the education of both our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists with the increased knowledge and skills to create huge benefits for patients, the therapists and the company.

I have a great deal of emphasis in training my Physiotherapists and my Exercise Physiologists on how to work together and leverage each others’ skills and knowledge for the benefit of our patients. We spend structured time individually and as a team to ensure they thoroughly understand the importance of our interdisciplinary model and why I have created it.

Chip GoniometerWe train our therapists in how to precisely assess our patients. It’s essential that both the Physios and Exercise Physiologists are highly skilled at assessing patients, using consistent assessment methods and techniques. This is the key to really achieving inter-professional care.

As far as I’m aware, Precision Physio is probably the only practice in Australia working under this model and it’s having incredible results for my patients. I am massively excited about how we are changing the direction of musculoskeletal health care in Australia.



It's no accident we are called Precision Physio. You'll get more details about just how "precise" we are here - Be Precise.

We don't do things like anybody else. See how our focus on Great Teamwork brings together physios and exercise physiologists to get awesome results.