Live Young

Pete HangingLive Young – where did it come from!?

Being young is a no brainer, ever since I can remember I have always been the young kid. Being 3rd out of 4 kids I wasn’t going to be the mature one. When other kids from the street wanted to go down the ‘bush’ to smoke, I wanted to play Tonka Trucks with the young kids, when everyone had hairy legs I was wishing I did, but I guess I didn’t realise at the time that I was lucky with my youth. School lunch time was always time to play. At school I was trying to do as much sport as I could, and have really great memories from school with all the sport and playing I did.

Moving out to the country (Mudgee) as a 21year old, playing heaps of sport was really cool. Then to be able to start my career with an amazing mentor really set up my career. Berenice Board is someone whom I admire, someone who loves her profession and realised it was her calling to help people, her patients and her green new physios. Having a mentor who is such a positive, caring and giving person helps to set you up in your career and your life. Having someone like Berenice as my mentor, introducing me to this cool profession, set me up to change peoples’ lives, both patients and my team.

When I first started Precision Physio I never really wanted to settle into adulthood. Back in 1996, I was like a little kid who had big ideas – but I did have the important things in the business – one of the first essential items was the basketball ring. Unfortunately the business grew so quick it wasn’t long before I had no time for lunchtime basketball. Things needed to change. So of course when you have a business which is going really well, one decides to go to Europe for 6 months, awesome snow!!!! Big surprise the business went backwards without me (but I was having an awesome time – free as a bird, back before email).

In your 20s life really is about having fun and self discovery, mostly about fun. This didn’t feel like the time to get serious about a business. I could not handle fulltime work so I went back to Uni to do my Masters. Going back to Uni was excellent, my depth of knowledge and my ability to know what was important when assessing and treating became super clear, and I realised that the business name was so apt – Precision. Everything we do, we do with Precision – our assessment, our treatment and our communication. It is the Precision which I gained from my Masters that has given us the chance to really achieve great outcomes for our patients and personally for our careers.

In your 30s something happens, you think that you have discovered who you are and life is falling into place. I was lucky to have meet Lisa just before 30, someone who loves me being me, and someone who keeps pushing me to be more like me (weird she even lets me be the crap me too!). But something does happen in your 30s, I reckon I kinda lost myself as I started to get old. Now maybe this was just a time to bring things together and cement my place on this planet, because it was a time when I got my 2 super cool little girls – they have helped me to rediscover my playful youthful side. But I did start to get old – we lost the music in the clinic, I worked so many hours and we went through a period of micromanaging – man that is super old school!

Sounds corny to say – but I think that life does start again at 40. I personally am back to being Pete Magner. Back to realising that we are here to work together, we are here to enjoy our lives and our work, having fun in our lives, and not taking life so serious. Luckily I didn’t turn into the hairy man which I thought I wanted to be and I am still waiting for my voice to break properly, but perhaps we are how we are for a reason, and I am glad about that! Being youthful is how I have lived my life and I realise that I am still a kid who loves to muck around, I really believe that the purpose to my life is to have fun, be happy and to lift the hearts and the lives of the people around me, being youthful does make life easier in so many ways.

“We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing” Benjamin Franklin.

This is the same with our bodies, we don’t stop moving because we get old, we get old because we stop moving.

Can you remember when you were down in the park climbing monkey bars, when you would jump off the top landing, when you would lie on the floor watching TV, when you would climb a tree, race your brother or sister for the front seat and you would roll down a hill, when you did handstands and cartwheels, when you balanced walking across a fallen tree, remember how much you moved when you were young and how mobile and strong you were? Adult life gets in the way of living young, adult life turns us into old, stiff, weak, boring bodies.

Pete Cross Core ClassLive young and live life!


Live Young is the purpose I created for Precision Physio. If you'd like to read more about my philosophy for creating a purpose for your life, keep reading - Pete's Philosophy