Gettin’ Fixed

The only way that you are ever going to fully recover from your injury is to know exactly what needs to happen to fix your problem, and to be able to fix what caused your problem in the first place.

To make sure you fully understand your problem we will go through a 3 step process for you:

  1. Diagnosis – you will totally understand what your actual diagnosis. We will explain to you in detail but make sure you really understand.
  2. Performance Pyramid – you will be shown where you are on Precision’s Performance Pyramid so you can see what you will need to do to fully recover and move way better so you really Live Young.
  3. Your plan created – you will have a personalised plan created so that you will know exactly where you are up to on your pathway, to have you recover and move way better.

If your aim is to massively improve your performance in your sport we will create your Personal Performance Pyramid based on using the latest in advances in movement science out of the USA – we use SFMA and FMS to work out exactly what is limiting your performance. By doing this you will be able to know exactly what is your limit and what you need to do to be able to improve it. You cannot get a Personal Performance Pyramid from anywhere else – this is awesome to be able to know exactly what is limiting you from performing at your best in your sport.


The aim of the game is to Live Young. Tridimensional Spring is the only way to get there.